How To Maintain Colorbond Fences? Use These Tips

by | Jun 27, 2024 | Blog

Environmentally Friendly Roofing Choices

Colorbond fences are a popular option in Bay & Basin and surrounding suburbs. Experts advise homeowners to go for Colorbond fences compared to other fencing options because of their low maintenance requirements. Once you’ve installed Colorbond fencing, you don’t have to worry about upkeep and maintenance. Hence, Colorbond fencing in Bay & Basin is a popular option, and you’ll find the same installed in most homes in the surrounding area.

Easy Tips to Maintain Colorbond Fencing

Give it a simple wash

Is your fence looking dull and dirty? With a simple wash with a hose, you can clean it. Cobwebs on your fence in leafy areas can be an eyesore. However, with regular washing, you can easily avoid them re-appearing. Again, a good amount of rainfall is enough to clean off the fences without damaging any part of the Colorbond fence.

Paint touch up

Unlike wooden or vinyl fences, if your Colorbond fence needs a touch of paint, you can easily do it with regular paint. To hide minor scratches and regain the lost shine, hire professionals and get your fences repainted.

Clean up the soil buildup

To avoid corrosion of your Colorbond fence, remove the excess soil buildup from continuous rainfall, hosing, or sprinklers. You can do it all by yourself. Get a shovel and dig up the soil buildup from the bottom of the fences.

Keep inspecting regularly

Like any other type of fence, you must inspect the Colorbond fence from time to time. Look out for signs of damage, dents and scratches. Also, check whether there is a loosened screw or bolt anywhere on the fence. Fix them immediately so the fence doesn’t fall off during harsh weather conditions.

Trim off vegetation

Trees, vines and bushes will inevitably grow around the fences. Until they grow right up to the fence, they are of no concern. Trim down the trees and vegetation to prevent the Colorbond fences from getting damaged. Having vegetation around the fences can lead to risks of rust and mould. The trees and vegetation retain moisture and damage the metal in the Colorbond fences.

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